DevSecOps Engineering

Shifting security to the left while building a CI / CD pipeline that automates testing, deployments, and meets security standards. Our DevSecOps engineers understand what it takes to merge Development, Security, and Operations and help organizations build applications quickly and securely.

Security & Accreditation

Understanding various frameworks and security standards such as FISMA, ISO, NIST and how they correlate to modern software development lifecycles. Whether it be through inheritance or policy, its critical our security experts know how to merge SDLC concepts with security controls.

Scrum Masters

  Fail fast, fail often, fail forward. Modernizing the Software Development Life Cycle often requires skilled Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches. Our Agile SME’s have worked in various industries and have first hand experience in helping organizations reach their milestones.

Systems Engineering​

Taking an idea from its inception, understanding its constraints, and taking it through the Systems Engineering process to get them out into customers hands, using various learned skills, our experienced SysEngineers can turn your company around.

Software Development

Creative, innovative, and problem solvers. Our Software Developers come from various industries and backgrounds with specialties in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C and many others. Software Developers play a critical role in any organization.