About Us​

About Us

ReLITiV is a small business dedicated to providing high-end information technology services to federal and commercial clients. We provide reliable and repeatable results by leveraging best practices and proven technologies throughout a project’s lifecycle.


Our employees are highly talented individuals with both management and technical experience, and have a history of delivering successes to their clients. We strive to make everyone feel like one big family with numerous family related, company sponsored events throughout the year. Unlike other defense contractors, if an employee is interested in other contracts or positions, we immediately strive to fulfill their request. Employees are encouraged to continue learning new skills whether through a conference, a training course, or even a new degree.


ReLITiV, proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels. We know we can always rely on ReLITiV, various competencies when our clients require quality software which would facilitate their business success.
Eric Ericsson
Our original site demanded a lot of manual effort. We asked ReLITiV to clean up the code and make our site more user-friendly. ReLITiV understood and implemented everything I requested. They never pushed back on any of my requirements. Instead, they managed to accomplish all of my requirements. We're very satisfied. I can confidently say that ReLITiV is the best company work with.
John Johnson
With ReLITiV we've been able to reduce our development costs and decrease the timeline on new features and updates. ReLITiV attention to detail in how everything is documented and communicated is by far the best of any agency that I've worked with. The communication and agreement process when starting a new project has been by far the easiest to handle and most professional I've seen.
Mike Mikleberg